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Was it an insult?

Mmm. not been a good day today.  Not sure if I am over reacting or not.

Decided I needed to work on my speed as I have dropped my pace a bit since training for the marathon.

Joined up with the running team I was training with at the beginning of the year.  Majority of them know me and know I run barefoot, and aside from initial re-actions, all accepted my methodology once they realised my bare feet was no impediment to me or them.  So all in all an accepting group of runners, if not necessarily approving.  (this team is linked to a sports shoe & training store hence the lack of enthusiasm for my style).

Well  today is the first day of sprint season training.  We head off for tempo runs with a small hill on the up & fast down hill on the return.  I am keeping my tempo at a fast (for me) 4:05 min /km split, but as I do not have a running watch I am hanging just behind the leading 2 men to get their readings. (confirmed for me at the finish).

The rest of the group were a fair bit back.  I do not know these two gents – they are new since I last was with them all in February of this year.

As we approach the return base, Gent One turns around and says my feet hitting the pavement makes a slapping noise and it is annoying!!!  Now I happen to know I actually run pretty light on my feet and that particular trait has often been commented on by others that they can barely hear me, so it was a double shock.

I was right on their rear end to listen to their pace feedback..but seriously?  Down hill sprints on cement paving and you do not like the sound of my feet??   Or is that you do not like the idea of a barefoot running woman sitting right on your tail?  – Something I would not normally highlight (woman) but it was more the tone of the remark and the dirty look than the actual remark that got to me.

Needless to say for the rest of the tempo runs I held back at a 4;30 pace with another considerate lady in the team.

I felt terrible and through out the day the feeling has not faded.

Now as I do have to do some training in shoes, my plan was to do one day a week barefoot interval sprints, and one day a week (when we do grass work) as a standard shod runner in my vibrams.  I am now in two minds to flaunt it to these two gentlemen that I am a barefoot runner, AND I can maintain pace with them.

However the runner in me is a polite, company enjoying, group participating individual, and I do not aim or intend to push my style or opinions onto anyone who is not interested in them – those of who are will talk to me directly or read my blog!

So I will stick with my game plan, as it is my training plan for my running calender that counts.

Sorry for the vent, but there are down sides to barefoot running, trust me!

About Dale-Lyn

Hi, I am in my mid forties and run barefoot. Mostly really barefoot, sans any form of foot protection. My claim to fame for this blog, is that I have run my first full marathon completely and really barefoot, in a respectable time of 4:16. Scroll through my posts and enjoy them - all with a good sense of humour too. My story is simply my story of running barefoot, brought about by all the various questions people ask me. I am not a specialist of any sort or any particular athlete or doctor or guru. I am an average woman who runs barefoot, enters a few club runs and a few fun runs. I run races from 5km to marathon. I love trail running, and include chats about my trail adventures. To date, although I only started running end of August 2013, I have done nearly 2000km, of that at least 1500km in barefeet. Real barefoot. No minimalist shoes. Although when I do run in shoes I use my zero drop mimimus ones (haha - they are my ONLY pair of running shoes..) The blog tells of my journey through life, on the road, barefoot. The journey my real barefeet go through when they connect with the road. The emotions my real barefeet bring out - in me, in passers by, in fellow runners. The aggressive reactions and debates as to the well being of the real bare-feet I run in. The passive acceptance of my real bare-feet and their exposure to the elements. The humour to show those real bare-feet of mine are not just a piece of running equipment, a statement, a leftie or a rightie, but real flesh and blood feet with real issues. An interesting post note..I commenced my first active run in August 2013 progressing sporadically. But it really was only from May 2014 that I started running on a consistent and slightly more serious note and slightly faster than walking pace. I am scheduled to run my Comrades Marathon in May 2015..that is a massive progression from walk/shuffle er um excuse me look at me run.. to aiming to run a World famous Ultra. Some one pinch me please!


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