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Another mileage weekend done and dusted..literally…

What an awesome weekend.

After last weekend and that epic beach run of mine, I thought I was not designed for this long distance running…

My reason for that beach run was four fold…distance milage, time out on feet, strength training, and beating the sand…I thought it had got the better of me.

Monday was a wipe out..I was still in zombie state.  Tuesday the brain did not even try to convince the body to be active.  Wednesday evening I was in two minds, but headed out at least for the social at the local running club.  Not sure where my head space was, so just tagged along with a couple of girls setting out at a pace I liked.  At the 3k mark the set outback (making it only 6km).  I was just getting into the run so opted to carry on on my own.  This particualr route is normally retunred at 5k making it a 10k out & back.  I was feeling really good and groovy so carried on, seeing a new place and thoroughly enjoying where I was running, very scenic, river on one side, golf club, horses etc on the other.  Shady, and well awesome.  Eventually reached a yacht club and what seemed to be the end of the track, and did a return run.

  Negative splitsAlthough I had my phone app on, it was muted and in my back pocket.  I did not wear my watch either, so had no idea how far/fast I was running.  I really was just enjoying it.  I made no attempt to race/run hard etc, just to enjoy and revel that my beach run had not killed my running legs.  Later that night, I checked my run and was pleasantly surprised that my tired legs had done quite well…I might add that the last 4km or so was in an extremely strong hair whipping head wind.  My surprise was my negative split – the last km being a run in against the wind and meeting up with another runner and joining them on the home run.  I reckon the difference was back on barefoot running..although the beach was barefoot too..just hard!

Saturday was the “Naked November” run, so also did my morning run without record.  Was away on a social weekend, lots of wine, good company and relaxation.  Stayed over longer than planned, had no running gear..Woke up bright and early as the body clock is so used to it now.  Thought I better smash out my 12km before another lazy day starts.  So headed out in my skimpy boat shorts and social blouse.  I must own up I also have a massive shiny black eye from slamming the car door in my own face on Friday…Checked the local area map, checked the time on the kitchen clock and dashed out.   Along the way a few toots on car horns.  A section where I was running on the Freeway cycle track and back with lots of hooting.  Then had another car come by twice and keep asking if I was ok.  Could not understand all the attention.  When I got back to the villa with our guests it dawned on me.  Early morning.  No running gear, but social clothing, no shoes, no hat, no sunnies, a pony tail, my 5ft 1″ and my black eye…I must have looked like I was running away from some abusive situation!  I felt awful for causing concern, but a good laugh at it all too.  Better look the part next time!

Sunday had us out on the trail running for 6 Inch training.  28km.  Massive hills.  Sand.  Pea Gravel.  Heat.  Sun.  More Hills.  Flies.  More flies..Good company.  Massive relief.  Because all my doubts about completing the distance evaporated..We did it, enjoyed it, made good time.  And was ready for another 20km when finished..  Awesome.  Makes me feel heaps better!  Only my trail shoes are running extremely thin on the sole…they are zero drop, and I do not wear socks.  They have worn through by the big toe area, so I have to look at new shoes, as I cannot do another run in them…more money..but they are a good buy the New Balance Zero Drop Minimus trail..

.Finished!Worn out trail shoes..

About Dale-Lyn

Hi, I am in my mid forties and run barefoot. Mostly really barefoot, sans any form of foot protection. My claim to fame for this blog, is that I have run my first full marathon completely and really barefoot, in a respectable time of 4:16. Scroll through my posts and enjoy them - all with a good sense of humour too. My story is simply my story of running barefoot, brought about by all the various questions people ask me. I am not a specialist of any sort or any particular athlete or doctor or guru. I am an average woman who runs barefoot, enters a few club runs and a few fun runs. I run races from 5km to marathon. I love trail running, and include chats about my trail adventures. To date, although I only started running end of August 2013, I have done nearly 2000km, of that at least 1500km in barefeet. Real barefoot. No minimalist shoes. Although when I do run in shoes I use my zero drop mimimus ones (haha - they are my ONLY pair of running shoes..) The blog tells of my journey through life, on the road, barefoot. The journey my real barefeet go through when they connect with the road. The emotions my real barefeet bring out - in me, in passers by, in fellow runners. The aggressive reactions and debates as to the well being of the real bare-feet I run in. The passive acceptance of my real bare-feet and their exposure to the elements. The humour to show those real bare-feet of mine are not just a piece of running equipment, a statement, a leftie or a rightie, but real flesh and blood feet with real issues. An interesting post note..I commenced my first active run in August 2013 progressing sporadically. But it really was only from May 2014 that I started running on a consistent and slightly more serious note and slightly faster than walking pace. I am scheduled to run my Comrades Marathon in May 2015..that is a massive progression from walk/shuffle er um excuse me look at me run.. to aiming to run a World famous Ultra. Some one pinch me please!


2 thoughts on “Another mileage weekend done and dusted..literally…

  1. A beach run? I’m jealous. I’m doing snow runs.


    Posted by kwiens4 | November 17, 2014, 11:51 am
  2. funny scenario with all the concerned people.


    Posted by The Barefoot Jogger | November 18, 2014, 12:04 am

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