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Feral Pig Ultra Sow 50km trail

Since Comrades I have enjoyed a leisurely June. Wanting to treat my bod with a bit of respect and Love. Feral Pig Ultra on 2nd July was scheduled at a good time for a kick back into training. In June I bought a road bike and have been teaching myself to become a cyclist on … Continue reading

Comrades Marathon 2016

Wow. Wow. Wow. Comrades done! Down run complete and back to back medal in hand. This run has turned into more of an epic adventure than I would of thought. Just a quick recap for those first reading this. Comrades Marathon is 89.13km if you are a speedy runner who wins or comes in the … Continue reading

HBF 3 Waters Running Festival – the 50Km Option

The HBF 3 Waters Running Festival, Bunbury WA, 10 April 2016. Offering race options from 5 – 50km. Each of us as a runner have certain key events we like, that we train for and or plan for. This event was planned for as part of a training run for my primary event of the … Continue reading

Ultra Running in Luna Sandals.

Australia Day Ultra , the Long Run of 100km. Another race under the belt, another ultra. 100km’s. Run in Luna sandals. Initially thought I could do it barefoot. A quick recce of the course the night before assured me this would not be possible. Thank goodness for that recce. The stretch from Aid 2 to … Continue reading

Barefoot running naturally

Hello, Well things have been a little on the quiet side here as I recover from my ankle injury.   9 weeks later.  Today was my first run post minor surgery, and all feeling good.  Just in time.  I have a 50km trail Ultra to run in Saturday (3 days away..yikes!) then a steady 20km … Continue reading

No surgery required!! Ordered to remove running shoes!!!

Good news! Shouting from the rooftops!!! So my ankle is on the way to recovery at last. MRI results in, some torn tendons and other muscles, and no I cannot identify because the medical terms etc are way over my head, NO SURGERY required! Comrades is still ON 🙂 Lots of injections and needles and … Continue reading

sleep deprivation, blisters, ankles, knees and uggg…

Wow, this week past has been slack..yet I feel like I have worked hard… My ankle has given me so much grief that my running has been seriously reduced, and what running I have been doing has been at a much slower pace, to be gentle on my ankle. Then Tuesday I went down for … Continue reading

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition, GELS and rooky mistakes.

Well as usual another interesting week behind me. So I had a minor surgery on my left foot with a small stone being removed that was actually tapping against my foot bone.  Luckily it was small and had bypassed muscles and tendons without injury.  Phew.   I also had some damage to my left ankle, which … Continue reading

Recovery..No..its forced injury recovery.

What an eventful week I have had. I have had a few minor aches and pains, bruises and bumps over the time, what with trail running and barefoot running, there is always bound to be something. Two weeks ago I did two 34km back to back runs.  epic.  Saturday 34km was a thoroughly enjoyable and … Continue reading

Pull Back week – Phew

Well on my last blog I advised just how many hills I had been doing.. The above are some of my regular battles.  All in training for this:  All 87.3 km of it… Thank goodness this last weeks training was a “pull back week”:  So thank fully went from well over 100kms the previous week … Continue reading


6 Inch Trail Marathon

Trail marathon in the SouthDecember 21, 2014
And here comes another one

Comrades Marathon

Up run Comrades Marathon in Durban South Africa 89kmMay 31, 2015
The big day is here.