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Sprints and trails, snakes and tales!

This weekend was my planned PB attempt for a sub 21min 5k done at our local Park Run.  After two weeks of phsycing myself up, reducing my weekly training for a bit of a taper to being in optimum form, managing a couple of sub 21mins in training for my 5km dash, I felt I … Continue reading

Technical Trail weekend done and dusted

Good morning. What a fantastic weekend I have had with a great group of people on the trails. Doing nearly 40km over the weekend in spectacular locations and awesome trails, covering single track, open, extremely hilly, slopy, rock, root tangled, wildlife, sand, sand and more sand dunes!  Oh my word, those sand dunes killed me… … Continue reading

Interval training along with Ultra training?

Well good morning. A little late this week with my chat, but been rather busy. So essentially I have finished with my road running for the year – yeehah!  But am now in my last week of a speed training course with lots of interval training with the aim of improving my speed. To date … Continue reading

Trail running, the spirit of fun!

This weekend we headed out to the trails.  This is in line with doing a recon and practice for the 6 Inch Ultra Trail we are signed up for in December. Great fun, gorgeous location, such a pleasure to run amongst the trees and the hills.  Hugely amusing group of people with a wicked sense … Continue reading

Illness and Injury revelations.

Well there has not been much posting of late as I was down with pneumonia.  Long story short – very sick, very exhausted, but recovering.  And smiling! I have opted to mix my training runs with barefoot running and Vibram minimal shoe running.  I need to do this for a number of reasons:  My primary … Continue reading

Tough Mudder and feeling in tune with nature..

So Tough Mudder event completed on Saturday.  18 km and 25 obstacles.   Loads of mud, loads of ice, electric shocks, sheer vertical walls, long dark tunnels, more mud, trail running, hills, volcanic rock passes, monkey bars and heaps and heaps of fun.  Participated as part of a team, mostly to ensure I did not … Continue reading

Next barefoot adventure

Well, post marathon I had two days rest, and then did some trail training with our Tough Mudder team.  Without even thinking, I went out barefoot.  On gravel and dirt, grass and tar/asphalt.  Only after about 5km’s of running did I even cotton on – hang on chick – you have just done 42km barefoot, … Continue reading


6 Inch Trail Marathon

Trail marathon in the SouthDecember 21, 2014
And here comes another one

Comrades Marathon

Up run Comrades Marathon in Durban South Africa 89kmMay 31, 2015
The big day is here.