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Respect, Bruised barefeet, trail collie fun..

Another week, another long run, another trail done! Am so lucky to be part of a very enthusiastic inclusive un-official “training group” for our 6 inch trail ultra marathon. Our group has a pretty diverse range of abilities and endurance/speed capacities.  But in true trail spirit, this does not matter.  Running as a group encourages … Continue reading

How do my feet hold up running barefoot?

One of the main reasons for this blog is to answer questions people raise when they see me run barefoot. To be honest, half the time it takes me a few hours to consider the question before I can answer it holistically.  I am a very pragmatic kind of individual, so when people ask me … Continue reading

Another mileage weekend done and dusted..literally…

What an awesome weekend. After last weekend and that epic beach run of mine, I thought I was not designed for this long distance running… My reason for that beach run was four fold…distance milage, time out on feet, strength training, and beating the sand…I thought it had got the better of me. Monday was … Continue reading

Barefoot and on the Athletics Track – Condescension and tact..

Good afternoon.  A post a little out of whack, just like me! So, given my increased speed gain with interval training that I went through on a 6 week course,  I decided to continue with this. I meandered down to our local athletics track where this training is carried out on a weekly basis. Hmmph. … Continue reading

Interval training along with Ultra training?

Well good morning. A little late this week with my chat, but been rather busy. So essentially I have finished with my road running for the year – yeehah!  But am now in my last week of a speed training course with lots of interval training with the aim of improving my speed. To date … Continue reading

Ground Contact – Barefoot to Shoes

Good morning. I have previously mentioned that I now have a Garmin Forerunner 620.  Having never used a sports watch before, and being a bit analytical by nature, I am mesmerised with all the stats provided. So for me to have perfect form and or technique in running, I pretty much need to hit the … Continue reading

Following up with an Half marathon

Oh dear. So yesterday I did an unplanned visit to Park Run and a quick 5km sprint (errr – quick for ME that is). I have had the Fremantle Half Marathon on my calendar for about a month now.  I have not planned for it or trained for it, as the marathon was my last … Continue reading

Its official. Barefoot is faster!

Good day all. Well yesterday I had not planned on doing a Park run, but as it was International Park Run day, and they were trying to set a record, I mozied on down to partake. In lovely weather and excellent conditions I ran the 5km Park Run barefoot, and scored a 22;15 min finish. … Continue reading

Trail running, the spirit of fun!

This weekend we headed out to the trails.  This is in line with doing a recon and practice for the 6 Inch Ultra Trail we are signed up for in December. Great fun, gorgeous location, such a pleasure to run amongst the trees and the hills.  Hugely amusing group of people with a wicked sense … Continue reading

Which is faster – barefoot or with shoes? And what exactly is faster?

Last week I informed you all I ran a Park Run with shoes, being my New Balance Vibram Minimus Zero Drop..Yes, I do apologise to all, that it has taken me so long to work out exactly what type of shoe I run in..and I have been reliably informed they are the Trail version.  Good … Continue reading


6 Inch Trail Marathon

Trail marathon in the SouthDecember 21, 2014
And here comes another one

Comrades Marathon

Up run Comrades Marathon in Durban South Africa 89kmMay 31, 2015
The big day is here.