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Trials and tribulation on the trail

And so another week of running was brought to close.  No photos today, but a good read!! This week past was rather over the top for me..two huge assignments had to be re done due to corrupted files and memory stick – and they were my final ones too.   Two huge new contracts at … Continue reading

Another effect of barefoot running..

Whilst in my search for a new pair of trail shoes..I am very specific.. I am failing to find the same pair that I have. Tomorrow I will be trialling a pair of Inov8’s…let see. However as one does when surfing the web, I got distracted and saw a post on “should you run in … Continue reading

My barefoot shoe experience with Inov8 Evoksins

Well hello again.  Before reading any further – I do apologise for quality of videos – my first attempt and I promise to do better.  Will update if I can get my son to visit and help me 🙂    Also first time uploading videos onto the blog..take it as a double treat – reading … Continue reading

Comparing my natural sole with a manufactured barefoot sole.

Okay, so I have been doing some research. Essentially I live in a very hot part of Australia, (Perth) and summer is going to be rather hot.  Last year I actually had melting tar stick to my feet.   Also I love trail running and am keen to continue this barefoot.  However as in all … Continue reading


6 Inch Trail Marathon

Trail marathon in the SouthDecember 21, 2014
And here comes another one

Comrades Marathon

Up run Comrades Marathon in Durban South Africa 89kmMay 31, 2015
The big day is here.