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Tough Mudder Fun

A little bit of fun.  On 13 September I took part in the Tough Mudder challenge with 3 other young ladies for a bit of a challenge and some fun…Only 2 weeks after our marathon, but hey..if not why not? Yes, it was cold.  It was from this point that I actually removed my shoes … Continue reading

Comparing my natural sole with a manufactured barefoot sole.

Okay, so I have been doing some research. Essentially I live in a very hot part of Australia, (Perth) and summer is going to be rather hot.  Last year I actually had melting tar stick to my feet.   Also I love trail running and am keen to continue this barefoot.  However as in all … Continue reading

Next barefoot adventure

Well, post marathon I had two days rest, and then did some trail training with our Tough Mudder team.  Without even thinking, I went out barefoot.  On gravel and dirt, grass and tar/asphalt.  Only after about 5km’s of running did I even cotton on – hang on chick – you have just done 42km barefoot, … Continue reading


6 Inch Trail Marathon

Trail marathon in the SouthDecember 21st, 2014
And here comes another one

Comrades Marathon

Up run Comrades Marathon in Durban South Africa 89kmMay 31st, 2015
The big day is here.